Wisdom Tooth Extraction Jokes

Can you eat normal after a week from wisdom teeth extraction?

Ok I got my wisdom teeth removed Friday the 17th.(know my other post says monday but they said i could come in cuz of a cancellation.)

Well its been almost a week & Im tired of ice-cream,jello,pudding,anything with noodles or soup & mashed potatoes. I need something with more flavor in it & well my dentist only said I had to be on the liquid/soft food diet for 2-3 days,& he even joked about it is possible to eat steak the day after but no1 would want to with the pain.

Would it be safe to eat normal again? Because Im not getting filled on all that other stuff & Im staying hungry to the point my stomach is hurting. Plus since Christmas is Saturday I want to be able to eat the candy & whatever is on Christmas dinner(even though I think its ham & I hate ham!!).

I still got my stitches though from what I can see.And only my left side hurts still but only if I move it,if I stay still it dont really hurt at all..And its only on the bottom.

I don’t remember eating a lot of soft foods. I think I just chewed using more my front teeth, and just be careful not to cause too much stress to the wounds. They might bleed a bit, but your mouth heals fast. If it hurts too much, you should probably stop.

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